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Dr. Edgar Romero


Dr. Edgar Romero
1960 S.W. 27th Avenue
Miami, Florida 33145
Office: (305) 445-3130
Fax: (305) 445-4578

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Welcome to Romero Chiropractic Center! 

        At Romero Chiropractic, we strive to exceed your expectations in every way.  Choosing a care-giver can be a difficult and trying process, and at Romero Chiropractic we hope to make the process easier by giving you the personalized attention you need to feel better in every sense of the word.            

       This begins with Dr. Romero, a certified Chiropractic Neurologist who is world-renowned for his work in neurology and the treatment of brain disorders, including his advanced training in vertigo, brain disorders such as autism and AD/HD, and his expertise in kinesiology and  nutritional approaches to health.  Rest assured that Dr. Romero has one goal in mind: helping you feel your best in the shortest period of time.  No extended treatment requirements and long-term constant visits at Romero Chiropractic: Dr. Romero’s goal is always to get you at your best in the least amount of time!            

       With his combination of neurology, nutrition and acupuncture, rest assured you have the best chance of making your quickest recovery at Romero Chiropractic!  Of course, each and every case is different and there are definitely some serious cases that require greater care, but most patients have a patient average of 3-4 visits per problem.  If you are not appreciably better by your third visit, this would be the time when further testing and evaluations for greater diagnostic complexity would occur.